Publication: Dystopian Galaxies: Visions of the Future

Dystopian Galaxies: Visions of the Future, a collection of science fiction short stories and poetry by Anne Elizabeth Winchell, has been published on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.

Dystopian Galaxies: Visions of the Future

DYSTOPIAN GALAXIES is a collection of twelve unrelated stories and poems that explore different visions of what the future might be like after humanity has expanded beyond Earth. Although none of these stories take place in the same galaxy, they share a theme of unchanging human nature and the dangers of refusing to adapt to a shifting world. While several offer hope of change and reconciliation, others warn against the drastic consequences of failing to learn from past mistakes. Love, family, and hope are explored in a variety of worlds, ranging from inhospitable earths where people are crammed into cities of millions and the only hope comes from alien gold to a legendary mountain range whose unnatural stability is challenged by the forces of technology that threaten an avalanche. From plagues that warp DNA to raids that threaten the lives of innocents, the dystopian futures imagined in this collection will inspire and provoke.

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