The Imperial Saga

The war for Tamarud lasted twelve years and devastated the continent’s people and lands. When the royal family was captured, everyone knew it was it was only a matter of time before their defeat, but the Empire shocked the people by executing all but the youngest two royals.

Fifteen years later, the continent of Tamarud has suffered under Imperial rule. After the massacre following the execution of the royals, the population is devastated, their numbers vastly diminished. Everyone in a fifteen year age group was murdered, leaving only older adults and those under twenty-five behind.

Now, the invaders, as those from the Empire are known, can kill at will, and wreak havoc on the people of Tamarud. Tamarudian culture has all but vanished as their books, art, and traditional buildings have been razed. Speaking their language is a death sentence, and they even have to choose Imperial names to avoid being killed.  

In this chaos and destruction, Princess Tahirah is coming into her magical powers. As one of two surviving royals, she wields enormous power, power that makes her both threatening and desirable to the Empire. Her rise to power is marked with death and isolation, but romance and hope keep her going. 

These five novels chart her progress as she gains her adult powers, and the increasing strength of her allies as well. Ari, a young man and the object of her affections, learns to stand on his own, and Jana, a young woman whose love for her girlfriend Leena is the only bright spot in her life, learns to take on a leadership role. Together, Ari, Jana, and Leena hope to help save Tahirah from the Empire. They’ll go to any lengths, but will it be enough?

Publication Schedule

Rise of the Phoenix . . . . . . . . August 15th, 2022

Knight of the Dragon . . . . . . . . December 15th, 2022

Heart of the Guardian . . . . . . . . Early to Mid 2023

Dance of the Empire . . . . . . . . Mid to Late 2023

Heir of the Continents . . . . . . . . Early to Mid 2024

Cover Reveals

The cover of Rise of the Phoenix, with a dark maroon background, a golden, flaming phoenix in the center with a fiery orange-red skyscrapers in a golden portal, and the words Rise of the Phoenix in fancy golden letters

Map Reveals

A fantasy map of Tamarud
Map by Dewi Hargreaves

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