Rise of the Phoenix

The cover of Rise of the Phoenix, with a dark maroon background, a golden, flaming phoenix in the center with a fiery orange-red skyscrapers in a golden portal, and the words Rise of the Phoenix in fancy golden letters
Part of the Imperial Saga series:

Over a decade ago, the invading Empire finally crushed the resistance in Tamarud, capturing the royal family. They executed all but the youngest two royal children on a day seared into the memories of all people as the Transition.

Under Queen Coral’s control, everything Tamarudian is forbidden, even their own names. Robbed of their heritage, citizens live in a world where an uncontrolled police force kills at will.

The two surviving royals, now adults, struggle to keep their identities hidden as they navigate the world as hostages. They’re kept alive to ensure that the people of the continent don’t rise up again, but the Empire monitors them closely.

Princess Tahirah has always pretended to be obedient, but she has a deadly secret:

She’s created a phoenix egg.


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