Publication: The Last War

The Last War, a science fiction novel by Anne Elizabeth Winchell, has been published on Amazon for paperback and Kindle.

The Last War

Sixty years after the genetically enhanced superhumans known as Díamonts incited World War III and sparked a new global order, humanity has finally settled into an era of relative peace.

Within the United Eastern World, an underground revolution has a new leader who poses a serious threat for the first time in decades. Raven, an agent of the United Eastern World and a former revolutionary, is sent to locate the new leader but finds his old loyalties stirring as he reenters the slums of NeoLondon.

He meets Nalia, a young woman with superhuman abilities who persuades him to rethink his mission and his past crimes. His actions, however, destabilize the careful balance of political power between the competing world governments and war seems imminent.

Together, Raven and Nalia must face the start of a new war, one threatening to end life on Earth forever, as they follow their twin paths in an unknown and unforgiving world.

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