Rise of the Phoenix

A mockup of Rise of the Phoenix showing the front and back of the paperback as they will appear on the books.

High Fantasy, Contemporary Setting

Word Count: 107k

about 400 pages

Story Process
Published 100%

Rise of the Phoenix is the first in a five-book series. It was released on August 15th, 2022.

Over a decade ago, the invading Empire finally crushed the resistance in Tamarud, capturing the royal family. They executed all but the youngest two royal children on a day seared into the memories of all people as the Transition.

Under Queen Coral’s control, everything Tamarudian is forbidden, even their own names. Robbed of their heritage, citizens live in a world where an uncontrolled police force kills at will.

The two surviving royals, now adults, struggle to keep their identities hidden as they navigate the world as hostages. They’re kept alive to ensure that the people of the continent don’t rise up again, but the Empire monitors them closely.

Princess Tahirah has always pretended to be obedient, but she has a deadly secret: 

She’s created a phoenix egg

Character Profiles

Tahirah sind Rebekah el Asham

Imperial Name: Tara Rosen

A young woman in a black sweater with curly red hair, bronze skin, and amber-gold eyes

Age: 23

The child of the Queen of Tamarud and  a phoenix guardian, Tahirah is hirim. That means she can use magic and has the compulsion to create phoenix eggs. Her first phoenix, Ryla, is no larger than a clenched fist, but when she creates a full-size phoenix egg, she’s bound to be caught.

Ari sind Rashid el Nahr

Imperial Name: Aaron Townsend

A young man in a gray shirt with shaggy dark brown hair and light brown eyes

Age: 23

The child of a noblewoman and one of the generals in the war, Ari has lived as sheltered a life as his parents can give him. He’s faced death and discrimination, but still relies on his family to get by. For the past seven years, he and Tahirah have been inseparable, getting into as much trouble as possible while staying alive.

Queen Coral

A dramatically lit woman with chin-length black hair, smoldering makeup, and a black dress

Age: 47

Coral grew up in the royal court in Alongra. When she was fourteen, she fell in love with the eighteen-year-old Maren, a dragon knight recruit. Despite her manipulations, he refused her advances, and she retaliated throughout the war on Tamarud. Now, she rules Tamarud with an iron fist, but has a soft spot for Tahirah, who reminds her of Maren.

The Emperor

Imperial Name: Unknown

A stern-looking man with ebony hair, pale skin, and a military uniform

Age: Unknown

The Emperor rules over an Empire that currently stretches over seven continents. He has two key strengths that keep him in power: his ability to travel between continents, and his immortality. He took over Tamarud in the most violent way possible, wiping out the phoenixes and their guardians and massacring the people. However, he left the continent after the war ended.

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