Hobbit Haiku

I adore haiku, and was inspired to write a series of poems by The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Enjoy!

Bilbo's Adventure (multi-haiku poem)

Hobbiton glistens

With piles of abundant food

In my memory


When will I return?

I wonder as I lie here

Alone in the cave


But footsteps approach

A voice whispers, “Bagginses”

And up, up I go!


This creature gives chase

And my feet grow so weary

What is this strange ring?


O Hobbiton, why?

Why did I leave your comfort

For this adventure?


Bag End, will I see

Your round door open for me

To welcome me home?


The darkness hides me

And the creature moves beyond

Perhaps there is hope


My companions wait

For my triumphant return:

The burglar, alive!

Other Hobbit-related Haiku

Under the mountain

Through dark, dwarven monuments

The Fellowship roams

In Lothlorien

Galadriel’s heart grows firm

Tears are laid to rest

A small burglar hides

Beneath riddles and magic

From the massive Smaug

O Barrel-rider,

Why have you come to these hills

With your Dwarven peers?

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